NASA Provides a wealth of STEM-focused resources for educators and parents.

Engaging students effectively begins with quality learning materials. NASA provides a treasure trove of these resources for free, which we aggregate here for you. The NASA Office of STEM Engagement works collaboratively with NASA's mission directorates to promote education as an integral component of every major NASA research and development mission. These efforts result in innovative and informative educational materials that engage student interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. NASA makes these resources available in many convenient ways which we list below. Browse, download, and use as needed and don't forget to have fun!

NASA Materials for the Classroom

NASA STEM Engagement Website serves as the gateway for information on missions, research, programs and services offered by NASA. The educational sections provide educators and students access to materials and resources produced through collaborations with NASA's mission directorates.

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Bring the wonder of space to your students. Explore our universe of science, technology, engineering and math activities and resources.
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NASA Langley is dedicated to supporting teachers as they foster the growth of our nation's youth. Please use the resources listed below to assist you along that process.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ) is at the core of the NASA mission. However, it takes many professions, backgrounds and interests to operate NASA. As such we hope to inspire the youth of today to use and enhance their talent and skills, whatever those may be, to support the NASA mission or another STEM field.

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Please see the NASA Educator Professional Development page for valuable resources to further develop your career. Also, for tools and information relevant to both topic please see the main Educator Resources page.

STEM Lessons From Space

Have you ever wondered what kind of STEM activities occur on the International Space Station? Follow astronauts as they demonstrate STEM concepts such as Newton’s Laws of Motion, surface tension, advances in technology and more.
Learning Launchers Thematic Resources
Day in the Life aboard the International Space Station
NASA and 4H: Expeditionary Skills for Life
Christa McAuliffe's Lost Lessons
STEM Lessons from Space: Science
STEM Lessons from Space: Technology
STEM Lessons from Space: Engineering
STEM Lessons from Space: Math



-Ronald McNair

NASA Astronaut and Physicist

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